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Colby Logan
"Dear Colby,
    What professionalism, dedication and commitment!!! Your music, style, attention to detail and fun-loving attitude made Kari's wedding day perfect! I can not believe you showed up 100% the day after your twins were born, but thats what TOP NOTCH PROFESSIONALS do! You were truly a joy for Kari to work with and we sincerely appreciate your commitment.
               The McClendon Family"
               Tribute Golf Club

    As an entertainer, Colby Logan has performed close to 1000 gigs in the course of his life and professional career. At age 35, he enters 2010 as a husband and proud father of toddler twins.

Born and raised in Duncanville, TX and a class of '96 graduate of Texas A&M, Colby first hit the stage as a soloist in first grade at Alexander Elementary in the school play. Encouraged by his teachers to constantly perform in front of his class mates, Colby developed a comfort level with entertaining at a very young age.

Tell us about your very first performances?
"I remember my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Kidwell...she used to call me in from the playground to where the teachers were sitting in the shade. She would pick up her guitar and have me sing for the teachers right there on the playground during recess...and then send me on my way to play when I finished my performance. My teachers and family basically conspired together to guide me down a path of music and performance growing up. Always at church...always on the third pew or the choir loft."

Colby Logan What makes a good DJ?
To me, a good DJ is a collection of skillsets. He or she is an actor, music programmer, producer, director, announcer, event coordinator, audio technician, salesman, therapist, musician, dancer...oh yeah, and a disc jockey. Top-notch DJs these days will never refer to themself as a DJ, because they wear so many different hats over the course of an event engagement with their clients.

If not DJ, what is your title?
The best title that I can come up with is "Event Entertainment Director". Take, for example, a wedding reception. A DJ simply plays music at the reception. As an Entertainment Director, I care deeply about the personalities of my clients, the order and pacing of events, where the dance floor is placed and where I setup, the lighting in the venue, the vision and constant concerns of my clients before the event, communicating with the other vendors, personalization of many things. Basically taking full responsibility for the entertainment of their reception from the very first day they book me. This is the biggest, most important and most expensive event that the majority of people will ever host in their life. An Entertainment Director will plan ahead and ensure that the day is nothing less than perfect.

Colby LoganIf you get a chance to see Colby in action, he will most likely be juggling any number of tasks...always looking for a way to improve the current vibe and trying to predict the best direction to go next...and always with a smile on his face. Catch him during the dinner portion of a wedding reception and he might be sitting on a stool playing an acoustic set of old favorites. Catch him during the high-energy dance portion of an event and he'll be dancing behind the DJ booth and leading the guests on an amazing journey.

  DJ, weddings, karaoke, dallas, disk jockey, music, cheerleading, cheer, mixes, mix