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DJ/MC Colby Logan

Born and raised in Dallas, TX and a graduate of Texas A&M, Colby hit his stride as an entertainer over 10 years ago when he started Astounding Sounds and committed his career to being a special event DJ & MC. Primarily focusing on wedding receptions, Colby and his team found that by forming a strong partnership and connection with their clients and their vision, they are able to ensure an amazingly fun and successful event and create lasting memories for the guests in attendance.


If you get a chance to see Colby in action, he will most likely be juggling any number of tasks...and always looking for a way to improve the current vibe and trying to predict the best direction to go next; always with a smile on his face. Catch him during the dinner portion of an event reception and he might be sitting on a stool playing an acoustic set of old favorites. Catch him during the high-energy dance portion of an event and he'll be dancing behind the DJ booth and leading the guests in a great celebration.

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